Andre Kon at Realmscon 2013.

Andre Kon at Realmscon 2013.

My name is André Louis Kon, and this is my website. I am an IT professional and I currently reside in Alamo Heights, Texas. I’ve provided my full name here not out of arrogance or carelessness but instead as a means to differentiate myself from other people named “André Kon”; seeing as how I’m in the furry fandom and I write stories of a “questionable nature” I would feel pretty bad if someone sharing my name lost a job because their supervisor Googled them one day and mistakenly “found out” he allegedly dreams about having sex with dragons… or worse. On the flipside, having my name public hasn’t affected my professional life (yet) and nobody’s stolen my identity thus far. Claws crossed!

I fancy myself a writer, a pastime I began pursuing in 1995. For several years the majority of my works were humorous editorials or monologues; I did not begin writing short stories in/for the furry fandom until approximately 2001. Prior to that, my first forays into the realm of storytelling were humorous (and I use that term generously) fanfictions based upon either the Pokémon or Sonic the Hedgehog universes. Needless to say, I graduated out of that mess relatively quickly. For my first few years as a fiction writer I mostly played around with simple ideas rather than plots and stories; I wrote a few one-shot pieces but did not begin actively cultivating and practicing proper literary discipline and form until 2007 when I adopted the pen name “Dracokon”.

I discovered the furry fandom in 2000 through the late MSN Chat service. I had been a user of the Internet for years prior, but when my parents finally subscribed to CompuServe I vividly remember putting that obscenely long phone cable that came with my Dreamcast to good use; I jury-rigged it to work with my computer and would wait until late at night before I’d tie up the phone lines with dial-up Internet. One of the first communities I checked out was a chatroom for fans of Jurassic Park. As you might have guessed, most of the people in the room had some form of dinosaur avatar or persona. I didn’t understand what fursonas and roleplaying were back then, I was just there to talk dinos. Eventually, I made friends with the regulars and they asked about my fursona since I did not visibly have one at the time. I explained that I still had no idea what was going on and at that point they opened a door for me. My first online avatar, “Millennium” the Utahraptor, was born.

I’ve had some difficulties with the fandom over the years, mostly personal issues. Major events in my personal life have caused me to come and go intermittently, but I feel like I can never truly leave this place. I’ve grown a lot since my humble beginnings in 2000. As recently as 2010 I was still too timid to tell people my name and had cooked up this goofy fake backstory about the meaning of “Dracokon” (it’s literally just “Draco” plus my last name) and wouldn’t show my whole face in a photograph. Now, as the picture at the top of this page demonstrates, I’m over that; not only am I comfortable with people seeing my face, I’m presenting at a convention. I also do charity work, most prominently for Extra Life where I participate in gaming marathons to raise money for childrens’ hospitals. For better or worse I’m a lot more open about who I am, which has come with some predictable drawbacks, but for the most part just being honest has helped tremendously in my social life. People are surprisingly cool about things when you’re just level with them.

My online avatar these days is a dragon, though I do not particularly consider myself to be “otherkin”. I’ve dabbled in the realm of otherkin since 2003 or so and I just don’t know what to make of it, and I certainly disagree with the mockery that sites like Tumblr have made out of the community as well. The dragon I use as my avatar is one I’ve seen and been in my dreams and beyond that point I don’t feel comfortable making any metaphysical guesses; I just acknowledge that the character I use today must have some latent importance or meaning to me. I’m not even sure what that “meaning” is; maybe it’s a spirit? Maybe it’s some past life memory? Or, maybe it’s just a dumb dragon that I saw somewhere, forgot about, and now see in my dreams often and think it’s something more than what it truly is. I’ll find out when I die. Until then, there are stories to write and experiences to share. I try not to force the answers to the questions I have, I just let them come to me and I understand that there is no guarantee they will ever be answered.

Truthfully, and with all sincerity, I really do find myself attracted to reptiles, dinosaurs, dragons, and dolphins. Rest assured, I am not out there feeling up dolphins at Sea World or jumping fences at gator farms. Part of loving something is protecting the object of your affection from harm, and I know from a lifetime of studying reptiles as a hobby that trying any funny business with them is simply asking for trouble and injury to all parties involved. Besides, there are a shit-ton of legal, moral, and ethical ramifications that need to be considered before even bringing up “the Z word”. I really prefer not to dwell on all of it. I save all of my personal fantasies for my stories and use them as a means to experience them safely and vicariously. I invite and strongly advise others to do the same. Versions of this website from bygone eras once included the silly phrase “no animals were harmed in the creation of this website”; this is still true today.

Outside of daydreaming about fooling around with Flipper, I’m gay. My sexuality is a bit skewed due to my “exotic” preferences, but for all inclusive purposes when it comes to relations with other people I prefer the company of men and in the scope of fictional characters and art I do not have a gender preference. I think the TumblrTerm (TM) for that is “pansexual”? Regardless, I figured all of this out at quite a young age. I blame Jurassic Park for instilling in me the inherent beauty of the dinosaur and from there it just kind of expanded into other reptiles. When I was in middle school classmates used to call me “gay” because I’d [poorly] feign interest in their stolen Playboys. It kinda hurt, but I took it in stride knowing that if I clarified with “actually, I like dragons” things would have been so much worse.

I write because I enjoy being able to express my feelings and I choose to share these feelings with the world at large because I have learned over the years from people who have read them that my words help to validate their lives. Readers have personally told me that they feel less alone after reading some of my works, especially the ones that cater to zoophilia, and that means a lot to me. For what it’s worth it’s ultimately validation of a taboo subject, but it sucks feeling like an outcast especially if you’re like me and spent most of your developing years in a terrible conservative small town. I know what it’s like to feel truly distant. Despite their dubious content, I share my stories now as a way to tell the estranged and confused that they are not alone in this world, that someone else out there also raised an eyebrow at Jeff Goldblum’s “does someone just go around checking under all the dinosaurs’ skirts” quip, and that within reason it’s okay to feel the way they do about the partners they would prefer to have. They have a friend in me even if we have never and likely will never meet.

I draw superficial inspiration for stories from my everyday life and surroundings; I write about things I enjoy, dreams I’ve had, and characters I’ve created on a whim. Behind all of that guff, though, I cite the late Athus Nadorian (1982-2011) as the real beacon of inspiration behind my drive to be a storyteller. I was introduced to his artwork by a friend in 2002 and was awestruck with how magnificent his creations were. I feel privileged to have been able to have watched his art evolve and grow in the years that I got to know him, and through experiencing the immaculate and otherworldly qualities he put into his artwork I became inspired to paint the same kinds of scenes with words. When I was first getting settled into this “Dracokon” persona online I remember one of my first compliments I received was that I was like “an Athus but with stories”. It was flattering to hear, but in hindsight I’ve never felt so honored in my life. He was my personal hero, and I miss him so much. In the years since his passing I have never lost sight of the original inspiration I drew from his work, and that’s a fire I hope I can instill in the people around me.

I get around online. I have my fingers in a number of communities, websites, and businesses. This isn’t Wikipedia, though, so I’ll spare you the laundry list. It’s unintentional but I guess the unconventional things I do occasionally turn a few heads. I’ve had highs and lows — the privilege of speaking at conventions, and the misfortune of running into the “Internet troll”. In the end, doing what I do gives me purpose in life and I truly enjoy every moment I spend brainstorming, writing, reading, proofreading, rewriting, and finally hearing the feedback. I love every friend I’ve made and cherish every kind remark or message of support. I am truly happy here.

My name is Dracokon, and welcome to my world.

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