There are a number of ways I can be reached as well as a number of websites where I maintain a presence. On this page I’ll provide the most common avenues of communication I use followed by a more comprehensive listing of where I am and how you can reach me.

For any and all commercial inquiries such as convention invitations, publication arrangements, collaborations, and other business ventures please send me an email at the address provided below. I check my mail on a near daily basis and will respond to your message quickly. I am open to consider any offers and I appreciate the fact that you’ve thought of me for your project or endeavor!

NOTE: While I do have a Skype account I am considerably swamped with messages at all hours of the day (even while offline!). I have had no choice but to make my IM contact details private now; I will likely not accept contact requests unless I know you or you’ve commissioned me. I’m sorry, but things have gotten to the point where I cannot log into my messenger anymore because of the number of immediate conversations. If you would like to reach me, please try a considerably less immediate method of communication first (like email).

EMAIL: dracokon AT herpy DOT net

TWITTER: @Dracokon


Fur Affinity
SoFurry <- Best Value!!


Herpy: Reptile Lovers’ Community
Steam – komodo88

Skype – [PRIVATE]

Tumblr – 90sAds
YouTube – TheRealDracokon

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