Aliens & Ethics

The debut novel by André Kon!

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All is quiet in the land of the dragons until a massive unidentified spacecraft makes a crash landing on the outskirts of a dense forest. Eager to dismantle and study the technology of the ship one particular race of dragons, the studious Xyrconians, immediately stake their claim at the wreckage and turn it into a research center. Trusting the Xyrconians’ judgment, the rest of the dragons continue to go about their business knowing that news of new discoveries would surely follow.

The work carried out by the Xyrconians begins with honest intentions until on one particular salvage and cartography expedition two dragons become ensnared in a previously undetected and unknown alien organism. Much to the dismay of the Xyrconians, their leader Commander Argon declares the two captive dragons as test subjects in the first of many perverse biological experiments carried out with the newly discovered lifeforms in the ship. Using his rank to intimidate those under him Argon coerces the dragons into abandoning studying the mechanical technology of the ship and instead focus on documenting the bizarre symbiotic species and their effects on the dragons exposed to them.

As Argon’s questionable work is begrudgingly carried out, he vanishes; his assistants began speaking “for” him. After going missing for months, the Commander’s personal guards issue the ruler’s new prime directive: a live population test.

What happens when the Xyrconians are ordered to pollute the outside world with alien specimens? Will the dragons resist the invasion, or will the symbiotic creatures usher forth a bizarre and hyper-sexual evolutionary boom? Find out in Aliens & Ethics — the first erotica novel by André L. Kon — available now through [##########].

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Aliens & Ethics
by: André L. Kon

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