Redesign FAQ

The new layout and design of was rolled out in July 2013. After nearly six years I finally decided that my personal portfolio could use an intense makeover and a more efficient system of storing and sharing information. (hereafter “Dracokon’s Lair”) now utilizes a heavily modified WordPress engine as its backbone rather than a custom template that I put together myself. I’ve changed a lot of things and added just as many so I decided to put this little FAQ/guide together as a kind of “map” of sorts to show you around.


Q. Why the sudden (and complete) change of formatting and style?

A. I’ve had this website for six years now and in that time my style of writing has changed, my tastes have changed, and my identity has changed. A lot of facets of my life have become more refined since I began my second foray into the furry fandom and having a broken website really made me feel unpolished and did not reflect well upon my talents and skills as a writer. Having a shiny new (and functional) site is a nice confidence boost. There’s a lot I’ve already shared with the world and there’s still more to come so I wanted to have an efficient and reliable system that I know can keep up with the massive amounts of text and content I will be stuffing into it.


Q. Why WordPress?

A. Because Tumblr doesn’t do what I want it to do and WordPress gives me all the customization I need and the efficiency I want.


Q. What is this new theme?

A. It’s a manuscript. The theme of the previous incarnation of Dracokon’s Lair was more or less a kind of journal combining written text and sketches with the content. I enjoyed the theme and the idea behind it, and I’ll miss it, but it was just too hard to maintain and required too much work just to add new pages. I’ve gone with a kind of blocky/annotated typewritten look to reflect the general theme and likeness of a book manuscript or movie screenplay (which are traditionally typed up in Courier New). I carried over the light text on a dark background motif, though, because I personally enjoy it. It creates a contrast that I feel is easier to read.


Q. What are the sub-sections of the “Writing” menu for?

A. My portfolio has gotten to the point now where I have written so many pieces that organizing them is now something of greater concern. I cannot just throw them together alphabetically anymore. Instead, I’ve chosen to mark certain periods of time in my life and create sections that will only list content from these eras. For the sake of convenience and general browsing I have also included a “Comprehensive List” that will list everything alphabetically just for the sake of having it, I guess. Also, expect the older sections to be noticeably empty while I search for (or rewrite) backups.


Q. What is “The Workshop”?

A. The Writing Workshop is a very large undertaking of mine and is my way of saying “thank you” to everyone whom I have ever been the inspiration to write. Over the years many people have approached me and have told me my short stories have driven them to pursue writing of their own and it’s an immense honor every time I hear it. I want more people to write, it is a dying and potentially lost art. Writing is an emotional experience and one of the most beautiful forms of art in all of history. If I am inspiring people to write, then I also want to give them the tools to do so. In The Workshop I intend to go over a number of facets of the writing process along with some advice, exercises, and encouragement.


Q. Are you phasing out the “Dracokon” name?

A. Not entirely. I mean, the URL of every page here is “” so I kinda can’t do that. My character’s name is Kon and my name is AndrĂ© Kon, so there is an effort to at least downplay the “Draco” half of the name. It doesn’t make much sense and was kind of tacked on, but I’m kinda stuck with it now.

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