Chances are you’re here because you want to read something that I’ve written. That’s good, because you’re pretty much at the right place. I began writing in general during the mid-nineties but did not start penning stories until the turn of the millennium. Seeing as how this website is my exhaustive personal portfolio I do intend to bring out all of my acceptable pieces, unpolished or not, and present them here. In the spirit of thinking forward I’ve also decided to start sorting my works loosely by “era” as well as categories for miscellaneous writings which aren’t story-related.


Comprehensive List

A complete listing of everything I’ve written (and that’s available on this website) listed in alphabetical order.


The Phoenix Collection (2013- )

Pieces and writings created after the redesign of my website and overall identity.


The Renaissance Collection (2007-2012)

Stories and anthologies written when I first adopted the name “Dracokon”.


The Millennium Collection (2000-2006)

Short stories and other snippets originally written as “Raptor Millennium 3”.


The Primordial Collection (1995-1999)

Samples and excerpts from my first forays into writing.


Further Reading

A collection of analyses, “making of” pieces, or breakdowns about the creations and inspirations behind my works.