I’ve left the furry fandom for good. Everything here has been taken down. I was ushered into this community by literal abusers who took advantage of me and I was emotionally groomed and manipulated from a young age. I was sexually abused physically, emotionally, and virtually. The things I was exposed to against my will damaged me in a way that cannot be fixed and took from me an innocence I will never get back. There are simply no words to explain the hurt that I have been through.

This terrible past will stay right where it is. I made mistakes, but I have reclaimed my life. I am NOT the fringe kink stories I wrote when I was a naive 18-year-old being used by disgusting perverts twice my age or more. I am NOT the reputation of that stupid Herpy website I became entangled with. I am NOT the PTSD & paranoid schizophrenia that was fostered in me through my abusers. Those who wronged me will eventually face their day of judgment and for some that day has already come.

I am uninterested in spinning a lengthy story about what happened to me. It’s not important anymore. The fandom is rotten to the core. Take a good long look at the people whom you exalt. They are abusers. Real life monsters. Believe their victims.

Goodbye, and God bless.

– Louis A. Kohn