Louis Kohn



Happy New Year. By now I’m certain you’re aware that I am no longer involved with the furry fandom. Six years ago I made a resolution to cut ties and reclaim my life and in that time I’ve had my troubles but I believe today I am much better off than I was when I was an emotional wreck contemplating giving up everything back in 2018. It was worth it.

In case you missed the message that was on this website for the past half decade I talked about how I made some personal mistakes at a very young age (18-19) and I was taken advantage of and groomed by people much older than me into being a useful idiot for producing pornographic content that any normal person would find disagreeable. I made friends with shady people and came into a position of authority on a website with a dubious reputation. By the time a close friend slapped some sense into me it was almost too late but I was at least able to take what they said to heart and turn my life around. Today the idea of people being “groomed” on social media and instant messenger is a widespread problem however in 2007 it hadn’t reached the epidemic proportions that we see now. I didn’t know the signs to look for.

For those wondering how I’ve been doing I am okay. I’m still not comfortable talking about the exact details and the who’s and where’s of what I went through but at the same time I’m not as haunted by these things as I was when I first decided to move on. I’ve accepted what happened and the fact that I cannot change this. Truth be told you can just add me to the list of people who’ve aged out of the furry fandom. I’ve settled into a healthier community and reconnected with some older hobbies I once enjoyed. I’m also not dead! My disappearance was sudden but I am alive and well, just to address that rumor.

Some people have taken an interest in me in the years following my departure from the fandom both in a good and bad way but I’d just like to reiterate that I am not interested in talking about my experiences, I have no “dirt” on other people, and I am not planning on re-releasing any of my previous works. Please respect my wishes for privacy, thank you.

– Louis Kohn