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Welcome to the all-new Dracokon.com! I’ve completely overhauled the website many of you have known and loved and have redesigned it into a more device-and-user-friendly experience. Here you’ll find a complete collection of all of my stories plus a journal of sorts, links to other work I’ve done, and further reading on various characters and subjects from my works.

My ongoing goal has been to provide a concise, complete, and convenient hub where everything I’ve created or worked on can be easily accessed by friends, fans, and followers. Heed the little warning box above, though, this is a website intended for adults! (Seriously, don’t poke around and then complain to me when you don’t like gay dragon sex.)

If you’re confused about the new site layout and structure I invite you to peruse the new website and get a feel for it. You can also check out this handy FAQ I’ve drawn up that will help usher you into Dracokon’s Lair “2.0”.